"Camaraderie is key."

Theatrical Experience

Theatrical Experience

My experience of the events industry began when I joined the wardrobe department of Cameron Mackintosh’s Les Miserables. I thoroughly enjoyed the working environment and I was asked to be the wardrobe supervisor for Miss Saigon.

After a few years in theatre, Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance was the next stop. This took me to every corner of the globe. It was in this role that I made my rock’n’roll connections, which took me into the world of music.

Music Productions

In addition to wardrobe duties, I soon started to help out in the Production Office learning the ropes. It was a fast, exciting and challenging. 

P!nk was my first big production gig, and it taught me all the intricacies to the role. I realised quickly that information was key, and I set about learning everything that crew and bands need to tour internationally; how to make smooth transitions globally by trains, planes and automobiles.

Whilst on the road, I am committed to making sure that everyone has a great tour, and that no one is left out. Camaraderie is key.

Sharing Production Skills

I get great satisfaction from sharing, mentoring and teaching the role of Production. I recognise that there’s a new generation coming through and I’m keen to help them develop. The Covid pandemic could see many experienced technicians leave the industry, which may face something of a skills gap. I want to play a part in bridging it.

Due to the pandemic and Brexit, I realise that the world of live events is going to be quite different to the one we know. I’m working on adapting myself, and my knowledge to ensure I am ready for the new ways of touring.

I am forever humble to the people who taught me the ropes on my journey to where I am now.

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