Brexit And Live Events

March 18, 2021

What challenging times Brexit brings for any road crew traveling Europe.

I can already feel my workload escalate. Visas, work permits, withholding tax…  Constant talks with tour accountants, management, and promoters to make sure we are up to date with all current changes. 

Every small step matters. Some highly skilled technician not having the correct paperwork in place could cause all sorts of hiccups; delays or (worse) not being allowed into the country could have a massive knock-on effect for the show.

For some considerable time to come, there’s going to be a constant need to explain procedures to crew so that they know what paperwork to have in place.

Re-learning Lessons of the Past

But I remember way back, when not so many countries were part of the EU, we were often challenged with paperwork, carnets, and border crossings, and so many currencies that it was often difficult to keep track. Some of these same issues will now re-emerge as a result of Brexit, but we coped before and we can do so again.

Yes, it’s going to be challenging and it will create barriers that we would all like to have avoided, preferring to be able to travel freely as we have done for so long. But restrictions are part of our new normality and we’ll have to get used to them.

Let us look at the world of touring in the EU like going back in time, 15 years ago!

It’s a shame, but until some agreement is reached between the EU and the UK, you’re going to have to brush up on your carnets, work permits and visas.

Need Help?

Of course, all these are issues that I can help with, so let me know if you have any concerns about touring or traveling through the EU.